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Etook U-lock Bike Lock Anti-theft Steel Electric Bicycle Scooter Convenient Lock Frame Bicycle Accessories ET110Information of ET110Product name Etook bicycle u lock ET110Weight 912g/791gMaterial High quality steel alloySize 108*160mm(S)108*225mm(L)Diameter of lock 11mmColor blackKey two keysSecurity level 4(long period in the day)Features of ET1101. The lock cylinder with advanced Swiss technology, the thickness of the key only 0.3-0.6mm, withsteel alloy anti-drilling cap, well prevent from technnical stealing.2. Special steel with heat treatment, very strong and high toughness, well prevent from beingthumped, sawed, sheared and drilled.3. Automatic locking design, convenient to use.When unlock, the u lock will automatically pop out.When lock, it will automatically homing. (When the u lock ring is not inserted into the lock frame,the key will not be pulled out, avoid to forgetting the key or not locked)4. The anti-dust cap is to prevent dust and rainwater. Not only extends the life of the lock cylinder, but also more effective for anti-theft.5. Pull-type holder, can be fixed anywhere, suitable for multi-caliber, can also be fixed on the seat tube6. Attached lock bracket, easy to carry.

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Etook U-lock Bike Lock Anti-theft Steel Electric Bicycle

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